Last modified: 05. June 2024

Georgikon for Agriculture

The Georgikon for Agriculture is a scientific journal, which is published by Georgikon Campus twice a year. It gives information about original, scientific and research news about all fields of agriculture. It regularly gives reviews with the acknowledgement of the editorial board.  

Georgikon magazine

It is the official publication of Georgikon Campus, which first appeared in 1957. It is published every quarter of the year and commemorates or gives information and interviews about teachers and students. Longer essays and articles can also be read in the magazine, which also appears on the website of the faculty. 

Journal of Central European Agriculture (JCEA)

This is a public, scientific on-line journal with the participation of nine Central European countries. The topics of the articles give a general picture of all fields of agriculture. Besides original research results, it publishes important information about the region, resumes and the summaries scientific conferences. The journal wants to provide quick access to the scientific results of the member states in the national languages and in English.